Dear MoonPluto… Help! by Aliza Einhorn

Written by: Aliza Einhorn Published on: November 3, 2021

“Dear MoonPluto, am I doomed?”

“But are we doomed? Is our birth chart our fate? And, more to the point, is it YOUR fate?”

Dear MoonPluto, 

Am I doomed? Let me explain. I’m always moving, and I know my birth chart says this part of my life will have its ups and downs but enough already! Will I ever be able to settle down? 


Doomed in the Desert 

Dear Doomed in the Desert, 

I know I’ve seen your birth chart before, and you aren’t wrong about what you see. Upheaval is a given. Your housing situation will cause a crisis. (For the astrology lovers reading this, we’re dealing with Pluto here, among other heavy hitters.) 

But are we doomed? Is our birth chart our fate? And, more to the point, is it YOUR fate?

On the one hand, it depends on what you believe, and if you know me, then you know I’m a fan of fate more than free will, but here’s the thing. You decide how you want to play that fate. Will it be your power or your destroyer? That’s free will. And I’m not saying this is easy — to take that wound, that core trauma around home and family and flip it and make it work for you.

But let’s ask the cards. How does Doomed in the Desert power her way out of this natal chart fate, and I’m asking short term, a 2021 vibe. 

The answer: the Wheel of Fortune! Oh, honey. It’s out of your hands. The Wheel moves and we can’t predict it. This thing has a life of its own. That said, I would watch the transits if I were you because the astrology of the day will give you clues to what’s next. 

And regarding anything else you can do about this bananas part of your chart: is it time to buy? Put down roots? Just a thought.

Good luck! xoxo

Dear MoonPluto, how do I decide where to live?

Dear MoonPluto, 

How do I decide where to live? I’m thinking about buying a house and settling down in my home country, but sometimes I think I should stay put. What to do? 


Far From Home 

Dear Far From Home, 

Funny you should ask this. Earlier today, I was chatting with a friend who was also trying to figure out how to make a decision. I drew cards for him and the message was clear! The answer would appear without any effort on his part, just as the Sun rises and sets. 

If I remember correctly, your Sun is in Cancer, and you just had a birthday or will have one any day now. Big decisions are on your mind. I’m going to draw two cards. The first one is for everyone and anyone reading this and then one special one just for you. 

How do we make the hard decisions at this time? Oof! This is NOT the time to make the life-changing decisions, my friends. Delay them if you can. Eight of Swords = WAIT. We have a sky full of retrograde planets. I’m also thinking of how we just came out of eclipse season, and we need to let those lessons and revelations simmer. 

Now, how long this delay should last is personal. For me, it might be a delay until tomorrow night! For my best friend, it might be two months from now. But we need more information. Mercury changes signs soon! New information is coming. 

The card for you, Far From Home, is from the same suit but not as severe an image. It’s the Six of Swords (my favorite Sword card!). There’s movement here, but it’s slow. A travel card. Take a trip back home. See how it feels. Six of Swords crosses the water. Take your time. And ask yourself: where do I belong? I see green and mountains all around you, but what do you see? 

Good luck! xoxo

Dear MoonPluto, is she The One? 

Dear MoonPluto,

I’m in the market for a therapist, and I started with someone, but I’m not sure if we’re compatible. 

Is she The One? 


Ready to Heal 

Dear Ready to Heal, 

I love that you asked this question because I, too, am exploring the idea of therapy. I hope you find what you seek. But about your question: you enclosed your chart, and I see you are having your Chiron Return this week! This is a therapy transit. No wonder you are digging up bones. Astrology lovers know Chiron as that part of the chart that hurts. We’re vulnerable there. Prick it and it bleeds. No, it oozes. Think of therapy as gauze for the wound. Apply pressure. Hold. 

This question, though, is really a “how” question. How will you know if she’s The One? Cards say there will be no doubt. I drew Judgement for you. You won’t feel ambivalent. You won’t wonder. You will know. It will be a clear, bright knowing. You might even hear trumpets. The trick is believing it when you feel it. I call this the Glory Glory Hallelujah card. 

And I decided to go for it, to ask what you really want to know. I asked the cards: is she The One? The answer: She might be. Cards say (Page of Wands) to give her a chance. And I don’t think this Page is about inexperience or youth in this case, but passion, fire. This person wants to help you. Plus, it’s early days. The Page is a beginning. Nothing here indicates quitting. Let us know how it goes. 

Good luck! xoxo

Dear MoonPluto, what is the best way to stay spiritually agile? 

Dear MoonPluto,

What is the best way to stay agile spiritually (and mentally) in a fast-changing world — one in which climate change and mass shootings are becoming the norm, and our financial structures may be in decline?


Wondering Scorpio 

Dear Wondering Scorpio, 

A great question! Let’s ask. Wow, Wandering Scorpio, what a beautiful answer I got here: THE FOOL. I feel the answer is to live. Just to live. Live anyway

And sometimes, the answer isn’t in more detail. I’m resisting analyzing the card. What I wrote above is my gut response, what I felt upon seeing it. That’s a Tarot lesson right there. And I don’t even want to list all the crazy astrology we’ve been under since Uranus entered Taurus. 

Stay spiritually agile by staying alive and living your life. To paraphrase Marsha Linehan: create a life worth living. 

Good luck! xoxo