February 2023 Astrology Calendar Advice & Vibes by Kirsten Langston

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: February 1, 2023

Every month we put out a video with the relevant astrology, please do check out the Monthly Energies video if you haven’t already. This blog post will be a little more in-depth and be an easy post to reference throughout the month. 

Notes: All planets direct!


Sun (Aquarius 14º) Square Uranus (Taurus 14º)

Vibe:  Brain freeze tension high. 
Advice: Lay a bit low, that amazing idea is going to be a bitch to implement, but you should. 


Full Moon Leo 16º

Venus (Pisces 11º)Square Mars (Gemini 11º)

Vibe:  Lovers fight to make up... maybe. 
Advice: Don't get drawn into a confrontation. The sex is hot but the fights are not.


Pluto Conjunct Mercury (Capricorn 27º)

Vibe: Long lost map surfaces prompting The Goonies to hunt treasure. 
Advice: Hunt Treasure. Capital T. 


Mercury ingress into Aquarius


Venus Conjunct Neptune (Pisces 23º)

Vibe: Will you be my Valentine? Romance in a perfect package.
Advice: Indulge, but the spell will wear off, make sure you're aware. 


Sun Conjunct Saturn (Aquarius 27º)

Vibe: An exposed beam leads to decay and repairs. 
Advice: Saturn will show you where you need shoring up. So shore up. 


Sun ingress into Pisces


New Moon in Pisces 1º

Venus ingress into Aries


Mercury (Aquarius 13º) Square Uranus (Taurus 15º)

Vibe: Underground newspaper gains public traction and police attention. 
Advice: Rebellion and change are in the air. Where do you choose to rebel? 


Mercury (Aquarius 15º) Trine Mars (Gemini 16º)

Vibe: A well-mixed batter.
Advice: The plans you make now have legs. Run with it.