Ancestral Healing Through Family Constellations

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: October 13, 2023


By Lisa Hagenbuch



Do you have a life issue that feels ‘stuck’ or resistant to change even though it feels like you have tried every healing modality out there? Perhaps it’s because the issue didn’t start with you.

We are all part of a larger family system that comes with dysfunctional patterns that are handed down through the generations. These unhealthy dynamics are always looking for resolution and healthy expression. As descendants and through a desire to belong to our family system, we may become entangled with one of these issues in an unconsciously valiant desire to ‘correct’ it and make the family system whole. What eventually happens though is this entanglement creates disorder in our life journey, and we experience the negative impacts of this pattern. These undesirable effects can show up in our family and love relationships, financial situations, physical and mental health, our ability to stand in our purpose and authenticity, etc. Fortunately, there is a way to restore order and flow in our family system and daily life through the healing modality of Family Constellations.

Bert Hellinger, a German missionary minister, psychotherapist, and author developed this unique form of therapy. Family Constellations is an energetic healing methodology that facilitates positive shifting and clearing of unhealthy, outdated ancestral patterns. This work explores and reveals what is concealed, unknown, and at the core of whatever is blocking the correct order and flow of love in the family system. Family Constellations therapy aids in healing past traumas and unconscious beliefs and behaviors that are slowing us down or stopping us from positive co-creating & thriving in our lives.

In families, there is a certain order, and everyone must be in their ‘right’ place for the system to function at its highest potential. Family systems become ‘out of order’ due to entanglements, hidden loyalties, exclusions, and secrets. The issue that causes disorder does not disappear when the affected family member dies a physical death. As descendants, we take on issues whose origins may be many generations old, so we can correct the imbalance. This inevitably goes haywire because we are trying to process and transform someone else’s issue. The best way to heal the issue is to bring it to conscious awareness to be ‘seen’ and resolved. We are aided in this resolution through calling on the support of our ancestors who are always there, waiting patiently to help us restore order in the family system.

Family Constellations can be done in a group workshop or in an individual session, and you can bring any life situation up for clearing. The client describes a life issue or relationship that is out of sync. Group participants or small objects stand in as representatives of family members, concepts, and issues in the client’s life. The focus is on the facts of the presenting situation, not the ‘story’ involved. Through tuning into the energy of how the representatives are feeling, guided meditation, calling on the aid of our ancestral line to take back what does not belong in this present moment and healing statements, positive movement within the constellation is achieved. These movements guide the path to resolution.

What can you expect after doing a Family Constellation session? You will experience a sense of contentment, balance, and peace related to the issue.

You will feel more connected to and supported by your ancestors who are grateful for the healing that extends backward and forward in your family line. You will notice personal interactions, situations and events will show up more positively in your outer experience. You will likely experience deeper, more loving connection with family members. You will also have given the best gift to your family lineage: future generations can live authentically, unencumbered of past burdens.

It is hard to describe a Family Constellation session, as no two sessions are alike. They are best experienced to be understood. Please contact me if you have further questions or would like to schedule a session to experience the life-changing shifts this healing work can provide for you and your family. You can find Lisa on our practitioner page here.