Beauty Blog: Sugar Waxing is for You by Kirsten Langston

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: June 21, 2022

I dutifully warmed the wax and got to it. This time I was sitting in the shower. It did not go well

A beauty blog on Sure, why not. It’s been requested and I am only too happy to oblige. 

A long time ago I tried waxing my own legs. I was nineteen that summer and I left the beach early with my friend Jeremy, who was quite supportive of this new endeavor, and went back to the cabin to wax my legs for the first time. 

Cut to about forty-five minutes later and it looked like a three-year-old had gotten ahold of the wax. It was on the table, because of course I chose to wax my legs on the kitchen table (mom was NOT pleased), the chairs, the floor, my scalp, and hanging from the light fixture. It stuck to my legs and wouldn’t come off. The packaging proclaiming that at-home waxing was easy was a blatant liar. To make matters worse, no hair was removed. 

I swore off waxing forever. 

The old Portuguese ladies of my childhood were some of the hairiest people I knew. We were fascinated by the women and their mustaches, which were mighty. 

In some cultures hairy women are hot. Alas, neither I nor my sisters were in one of those cultures and we were not fans of body hair. It was to be eliminated at all costs.

Hairy was not my thing. I had spent a good seven years with my NO NO, an at-home device that burned your hair off. The NO NO was a ritual every Thursday night. The house would reek of burned hair. It was painful. But I was faithful. The thing with a cheap device ($250, which was a lot to me at the time) is that in order to get the same results as getting it done professionally, you have to do it a lot. A. LOT. I did and it worked so-so. The hair was never completely eradicated. 

The pandemic had me on a shaving hiatus. Oh, I was still shaving my face, there’ll be another blog on that, but my legs, arms, and bikini line were on vacation. No shaving here, friends. I was sick of the seemingly endless grooming. Shaving, all the time, shaving.

Eventually, the vacation was over and I had to get back to the slog. But I wanted an alternative. Something longer lasting. I would never wax again. But what about sugaring? 

I decided to give it a try. After pouring over numerous TikToks about sugar wax hair removal at home, I made my choice. 

The wax arrived and sat on the bathroom counter for over two weeks. I wasn’t ready yet. I eyed it nervously. Would it be like the Cabin Wax Incident?

The answer is yes. It would be. 

Finally, after my niece’s birthday party at the beach where hairy-legged auntie sat in the shade, hoping no one would notice her unkempt state (Seven years of the NO NO totally paying off), it was time. 

I slapped my ass on the kitchen counter (Why the kitchen again, Kirsten?) and got to work. I warmed the sugar wax in the microwave and attempted the flick technique. You use no strips or applicators, just get the wax in your hands and apply it to your legs, and then flick it off with your hands. 

Cut to sugar wax on the windows, the faucet handle, the counter, the floor, my feet, and five pairs of ruined gloves. But it did work. There was hair removal on both legs. Still, I hated it. It was everywhere and it had taken me two hours. My legs and feet looked like melted candles. At least this time a little water cleaned everything up. 

I was not happy.

There was no way I was letting this goopy, haphazard mess near my bikini line. 

Three weeks later my leg hair had grown out enough to warrant another pass. I dutifully warmed the wax and got to it. This time I was sitting in the shower. It did not go well

My armpits, which I had grown out to George of the Jungle status, took a beating. The wax stuck and refused to be flicked. It looked like I had half a grilled cheese sandwich hidden under my arms. My legs I gave up on almost immediately. The sugar wax won that day. 

I watched more TikToks and thought maybe the wax I was using was just no good. I got another brand. Game changer. 

Smooth Lab organic sugar wax, you are my new best friend. Sugar waxing puts the shaving, the waxing, the sugaring (aka flick technique), and the NO NO to shame. 

This is not a paid post. I loved this product so much that I wanted to write a blog about it. I used it for the first time yesterday on my armpits. I was so pleased and it only took me about seven minutes. It looks like a professional did it. There was no wax anywhere but on the strips and seeing my hair on the strip gave me such a sense of satisfaction. There was no pain either. 

It’s really easy to use. Warm the wax for about 20 seconds and then get a little on the applicator and smooth it on in the opposite direction the hair grows and then apply the strip, smooth it out and press it in 2-3 times and then take the strip and pull in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure your armpits are dry the whole time and make sure the skin is taut to avoid bruising.

If you are looking for a product to do hair removal at home, this is your move. It’s organic, has only three ingredients, and the strips are all reusable because it’s sugar, simply soak and reuse. This is an environmentally sound company too, which I always look for when I’m making purchases. 

For the first time in my life, I have totally smooth armpits. Shaving always had that Homer Simpson effect. You know what I’m talking about. 

The pits are clean, kids. They are smooth and bump-free, Hunny. I am so deeply and profoundly satisfied. 

I know a lot of people (not just those who identify as women) are looking for that perfect at-home hair removal situation and I believe I found it. 

How about you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.