Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Astrology by Jeanne

Written by: Jeanne Alkire Published on: May 24, 2022

From Jeanne’s Astro Salon. May 22, 2022.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Star Crossed Lovers

Millions of us are watching the back and forth of the defamation trial between Johnny and Amber. As I write this, it’s day 20 of the trial. Most people have taken a side by this point. 

I have as well, but I’m going to do my best to give you an unbiased astrological perspective on this very public relationship. 

Did they love each other? Absolutely!

They share Venus in sensual and loyal Taurus within two degrees. This would give them a sense of common values and habits, of approaching love and romance in similar ways. I’m sure in the early days their sexual connection felt like a meeting of soul mates. Erotically, in the beginning, it may have been off the charts. Stubborn Taurus Venus would see them both reluctant to separate, despite significant challenges in the mix from day one. The phrase “I can’t quit you” very much comes to mind. 

Why so much written communication?

Johnny’s Mercury is also in the mix with their shard Venus, so it makes perfect sense that they shared a diary where they would write their thoughts and feelings. Johnny’s tendency to send notes, and write messages on walls and mirrors would also be in the mix. 

This was going to be stressful walking in the door.

In astrology there is a marker called the North and South Nodes. For many astrologers, this gives us a window into past lives (South Node) and current life path (North Node). For Johnny and Amber, their life path energies are locked into a permanently stressful dance. 

Johnny’s Nodes are Cancer-Capricorn. Amber’s Nodes are Aries-Libra.  Everyone here wants to be in charge.  

Johnny’s South Node in the house of partnership shows a high probability that he will find mates with whom he needs to work out unfinished karma. Amber’s South Node is ruled by the Venus in Taurus we mentioned above. Because we don’t have her birth time, I can’t see how this applies to committed relationships. But this is definitely another marker that these two souls have been in a dance before. Amber would naturally try to create a better balance between them. Her chart, however, hints that she lacks the necessary tools to create what she so deeply desires. 

Amber’s North Node in Aries is conjunct her Taurus Sun within two degrees. She is fighting for what she values in order to create something stable. A concern for money and other resources is definitely something she is willing to fight for. She needs to be herself no matter what. This will attract massive power struggles, particularly with sexual partners (opposition Pluto). The main playing field for her life lessons is her relationships. Capricorn Mars rules her North Node. She needs to be in charge of organizing her life. At the same time, her Mars is conjunct Neptune.  She brings to life a strong mix of aggressiveness (Mars) and fantasy (Neptune). While this might be a great skill set for an actor, in life it can be more complicated. The higher octave of Mars-Neptune is great compassion. The lower octave might see great energy focused on being a victim.  All this is in service to a practical, emotionally cool, modus operandi and does suggest some of the reasons why her most emotional testimonies on the stand do not quite ring true. 

While Johnny’s Moon is in Capricorn, showing he is attracted to sensible, ambitious women, The Moon that rules his North Node/life path, shows a great deal of emotionally charged and unresolved issues around his Mother, home, relationship with the public, and the women he will find attractive. Johnny’s Moon (emotions/life path) and Amber’s Mars-Neptune (actions, intuitions/life path) are closely connected. Both want to be the boss. Both think they know best. Both have issues with expressing vulnerable feelings. These are major life lessons for each of them.   

What is not to like??? Well… 

A person’s Moon shows their basic comfort zone. This makes the relationship doubly complicated because Amber’s Moon in Libra and Johnny’s Moon in Capricorn are both strong-willed and at odds. She is naturally social and diplomatic, and wants peace, harmony, and fair play. This demand for fairness can be very steely. Johnny is more emotionally reserved, although his feelings are quite deep. He needs less feedback from others; his comfort zone is closer to being a father figure or business manager. 

Johnny is here to learn important lessons through being in better touch with his feelings and the sacrifices he is willing to make to nurture and protect others. Amber is here to learn her life lessons by taking the lead and facing challenges in a courageous and headstrong way. It’s like a warrior and a jellyfish looking for common ground. Not an easy mix: even when each person is doing exactly what is right for them. They can’t help but rub each other the wrong way.

The Trial

The May 16, 2022 Total Eclipse at 25 Scorpio  Moon and 25 Taurus Sun illuminates and activates Johnny and Amber’s shared Venus. They are powerfully bonded in this process. 

With the whole world watching,  transformational energy, coming at the height of a trial airing all dirty linen (both real and imagined), is THE major crossroads of this relationship in this lifetime.

Even if Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp never see each other again, They have been at this for many lifetimes and their astrology suggests there is still have a great deal of unresolved karma still to work through. Maybe next time will be easier.