June 2022 Sexscopes by Aspen Drake

Written by: Aspen Drake Published on: June 8, 2022

I’m back after a little hiatus, and here to encourage you to take a break if you can. Everything is a lot. I know we usually have a “hee hee, haha” fun, sexy time here. That can still be the case! If you’d like to read your readings with a relationship in mind, please do so. That said, my goal with this article was to put a little hug into a paragraph and send it to you. Some of these readings are something some of you have been needing to hear, others are a breath of fresh air that you aren’t used to receiving while staring at a screen these days. Either way, I hope they can serve as a tiny balm for the soul. This oracle deck was gifted to me by a friend, and I always love the images and messages it brings me when needing comfort or inspiration. [Iris Oracle Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans]


  • 47. Protect Your Heart
  • “Now is a time to keep your heart safe.
    Your heart is soft and bright right now.
    Don’t let anyone put their icky yuck stuff
    on it. Put your guard up for now and be
    critical about who you invite into your tenderness.”

One way I’ve been protecting my heart this Gemini season is by deleting apps from my phone, in order to curb my doom scrolling. Being a mercurial sign, we are all about communication and information. Feverish collection and dissemination of information should headline in our resumes. I’ve found from experience though, that knowing every opinion about every terrible thing that has ever happened on this earth hasn’t led to me single-handedly liberating people from suffering. It has liberated hair follicles from my head, though. Which leads me to the thought that taking care of your heart physically, is just as important as taking care emotionally. Take a walk, do some yoga, cool down with a nice swim. Drink lots of water and eat your veggies. A happy, healthy heart can help lift others.


  • 72. Broken and Hatched
  • “The ability to see new perspectives sometimes comes from a rude awakening. That which breaks you also sets you free. Leave your comfort zone and your shell behind. Honor that which was destroyed and torn down in your life, because although difficult, it has aided you in hatching.”

While many have grown up knowing the stark realities of the worlds we live in, some of us who had previously felt comfortable in those worlds have had some “rude awakenings”. Collectively, folks are realizing that the systems we live within do not serve or protect us. Many institutions are even being powered by our labor and suffering. How can awakening to the fact that we cannot depend on those in charge to “save” us go from a disheartening experience to an empowering one?

How can this lead us to focus on our strengths and personal connections? How can we focus in on our “circle of influence” to participate in change and sustainability? Gardening, mutual aid, skill-sharing, creating art, resting, and spreading joy can all be seeds of a new world planted under the glow of our shifting astrology. As spring barrels into summer, we move from a period of hatching to walking, to flying! You may be feeling tender, but you are up to the task. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


  • 33. Ripe Fruits
  • “You have ripeness at all of your fingertips. Each thing you touch becomes plump
  • and juicy because right now you have
  • that golden touch. If you have had a project in mind that you have had resistance to finishing, or something you have wanted to start, or your heart yearns for love, direct your attention to that which you desire and let it ripen. That being
  • said, it is also important where you direct your attention. You wouldn’t want to
  • waste these superpowers on a wasted feat right?”

Some respond to times of chaos by folding in on themselves. What would happen if we had the audacity to try and grow? If anything could happen, why couldn’t it be something amazing? Leo you know you have been accused of being larger than life, now would be the time to own that. Think of what seeds you’ve been watering this spring, how would you like to see them bloom? Make that connection, ask for that raise, quit your job, build that greenhouse, start that open mic night. You may be surprised how quickly the fruits of your labor start ripening under the summer sun. Squeeze those fruits, do a few squats for your own lil’ peach too if you feel so inclined.


  • 53. Make it Look Like the Night
  • “Priestess of the night, when those who have vision in the darkness come out to celebrate the time of the moon. Night is our necessary balance, do not fear seeing what is unseen, and do not be afraid if what you see makes others feel uneasy. Do we put less value on that which is not sunshiny and bright? We put a veil between the sun and the moon, between the darkness and the light. The night is just as much the truth as the sun. You can use your all-knowing to bring your knowledge of ultimate balance and the value of the unseen to those who only live in the daylight. The priestess of the night shows us the darkness to help us achieve temperance.”

Ever been accused of being a realist, or even a bummer? Duality exists in all spaces, and you have the gift of bringing a balanced look at the world where we have our faces shoved into “love and light” toxic positivity, good-vibes-only consumerism.

The moon can bring in rest, reflection, sensuality, dreams, and fears. Sometimes the things we try to tuck away and hide are the things most needed to be addressed. Things that would help put us back into balance and on track, even if that track is one we’ve been avoiding stepping foot on.

As the business and chaos of summer rises, let’s take a break for realignment. Especially if you’re someone who likes to be in charge of everything at all times. Maybe it’s time to be okay with taking a break from giving 110%. The moon has phases, so should you.


  • 6. Party Leader
  • “Wooooohoooooo! It’s a party!!!! But what is really happening here? All the beautiful stars reach up their hands in excitement as this Party Leader creates a wild, loud, and unpredictable energy. This can be fun, to bathe in the untamed, and can act as a release of all that we try to control. Maybe we need someone whose personality is captivating and can allow you to feel comfortable doing something uncharacteristic. But let us not forget, that your voice also needs to be heard, that is why you a here. So enjoy this time, but also don’t allow yourself to be confused about what is truly valuable in your life because someone else’s voice is louder.”

I get it, who doesn’t like being liked? Who doesn’t want to be a part of something? The problem is that we risk getting swept away in the wave pool of energy and personality.

As someone who grew up in a high-demand religion and knows way too much about cults, I can easily reflect on the dangers of letting the voice of a “party leader” interfere with your own. Sometimes we are subconsciously choosing to drown out our own voice with the voices of others. We could be avoiding doing “the work”, having to make decisions for ourselves, or the possibility that we may be more capable and creative than we were taught to believe. Take a page from Virgo and take time to descend into night and reflect. Listen for that voice within you. You can always come back up to join the stars in celebration if you so choose.


  • 40. Love Grows Love
  • “Love is contagious. When you give love openly, just because you are feeling it inside, not because you seek love in return, you’ll spread your mushy gushy rose-y love onto everyone. See the magic in changing someone’s day, even someone’s life.”

Seems pretty basic, corny even. We’ve heard it before. Maybe there’s a reason this message bears repeating. In this world where nearly everything has been commodified, we are taught to only act when expecting something in return. By all means, if this is in regards to a person or business requesting your labor, talent, skills, resources, or time – of course, you should be compensated! But what do we choose to give?

Philosophers have written and discussed whether an act is considered “good” or genuine if it is done with the expectation of something in return. What would happen if we disengaged from the spectrum of “good” and “bad”? How would we act if instead of spending our days tallying what we’ve done for others vs. what they’ve done for us – we were present with our own needs and the needs of others.

There is something sacred about an abundance mindset that frees us from transactional modes of operation. I realize that given the situations many of us were born or forced into, the thought of abundance comes off as frivolous and privileged. Practitioners claiming to be utilizing abundance have indeed acted in this way – but this is not true abundance. This is about connecting with yourself and being realistic about what you have to give others. If the answer truly is nothing, that is okay. Give yourself time and the love you need to fill your cup. Spending time in nature, a role model of abundance, can be very healing. You may come to realize that abundance does not always have to be in regards to money and resources, it can be about the spaces we hold for people and love you share.


  • 70. Spirits to guide you
  • “It seems like all the signs point to yes. Have you ever seen a repeated symbol appear over and over just for a short time? These are your guides trying to speak to you. They are like HI!! We are trying to make this pretty obvious for you! Know that you have help right now. Your guides want the very best for you, and right now they are trying to assist you in making the right choices. Pay attention to the little things.”
  • 12. Calm Within Transformation
  • “Slithery snakes curl up in the warmth of burning candles. Each candle a wish made for the future path. Each second of their fire spreads their intentions out into the universe. The snakes are getting ready to shed their skin, to completely transform themselves. Now is the time for you as well to move forward with shining intentions. Change can be frightening, this we all know, but for you now, change can be peaceful and calm. You are embraced by change. Write down your intentions of what you want your new skin to be, gaze into the light and see it appear before your eyes.”

Luck of the draw Sag, you got a two-fer on this one. Synchronicities, as we like to call them in the spiritual world, are more than just numbers or patterns. They are messages. Tools utilized by our subconscious, the universe, or our guides to help us on our journey. If you get the itching feeling that something has come up for a reason, follow that notion. Opening a door that was previously closed can be scary, I give you that. Reflect on what we suggested to Leo: if anything could happen, why couldn’t it be something great?

You too play a part in these choices and changes in life – after all, the “universe” can only do so much without our participation. We don’t have to go around buffeted about by whatever suggestion or situation comes our way. If we take the time to feel into our needs and desires and use those discoveries to write out our dreams and goals, that is a way of communicating to both ourselves and the world around us. Intention is a powerful tool you utilize in the give-and-take relationship of calling in what comes next. I realize this is getting a little dense, so, call it what you want: manifestation, ancestral gifts, karma, luck. It requires us to have a little skin in the game. Snakes know a thing or two about skin, and the importance and inevitability of change.


  • 60. Under a spell
  • “There is the most beautiful fog you will ever see showering over you. It may feel super dreamy and magical, it probably is. You are in love with an idea. You are in love with what you see. You are completely under a spell. This can be a nice feeling but if things feel a little funny like there is something that’s not right, you might need to be shaken out of it. You can’t think straight when hearts and stars are all you see. It could put a filter on something that’s not a good choice for you and make it seem like THE BEST CHOICE. I know it’s hard to leave a spell that makes you feel in love, but if you can snap out of it and still feel amazing, then that means it’s true. If you snap out of it and feel like someone dropped you on
  • the cold floor, well then, it was just a spell.”

In tumultuous times, escapism is turned to as a method of survival. Daydreaming, dawning those rose-colored glasses in order to drown out the red flags, denial, procrastination, or even hyper-focus. If something seems too good to be true this month, it very well may be. Just trust that if you do end up “dropped on the cold floor” as the card describes, know that the floor is your foundation. Earth energy, steadfastly and silently supporting you. Remember the things you have worked hard for, the foundation you have built for yourself with the help of loved ones or mentors. That will always be there for you to settle and ground into when things get too chaotic and mercurial out there. If you wanna queue up Starry Eyed Surprise and skate around with your newfound infatuation like in that Diet Coke commercial, be my guest. Just know that skating involves falling on your butt sometimes.


  • 43. Someone Soon
  • “Even the most badass independent self-sufficient people get lonely. Being alone is good for re-centering. If your heart is full and your desire is to share your life with someone, then you deserve that; you deserve that love. Put your order in for the love of your life, or the love for now, and then keep focusing on your goals. Send out this little wish today and watch someone new float into your life gently, like a feather coming from the sky.”

If romance isn’t what you’re after, well, that’s when they say it’s most likely to arrive. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. In all seriousness though, whether you don’t have the capacity or interest in that kind of relationship, or if you are already currently relishing in that kind of love – know that there are many different kinds of love to be experienced, and countless ways folks can touch our lives. Think 2 of Cups energy. A mentor, relative, co-creative, or new friend may cross your path with something valuable to share soon.

It will probably be a quiet and gentle run-in, like that of a feather, although if it ends up being a sitcom level meet-cute that’d be fun too. Maybe start carrying around too many books, so when someone runs into you they can help you pick them up. Your hands could meet as you scramble, or maybe they’ll be like, “Oh, I love this edition of Webster’s Dictionary!”.


  • 58. Afraid of the Attic
  • “If our body is a house, the attic is our cranium. Holding in stress, anxiety, repetitive negative thoughts that build over time. Your mind has a lot of power, if you want to you can stuff all of the things you are avoiding into a cramped corner in the attic. If you make this a habit, that little shoebox of stresses becomes many shoeboxes, until it is taking up more and more space. It develops to feel like it’s not you, that those things you stuffed up there have become their own monster tormenting you. To avoid fear, it’s time for some housecleaning, one step at a time. You put that entire gunk up there, so you can dissolve it as well. Just start with one thing. If you find yourself feeling afraid, take a breath and ask why. Is it a fear for your safety, or is it an anxiety that you put up in the attic and left there to multiply?”

Sorry, Pisces, your card is a little less cutesy and lighthearted than some we’ve seen, but it’s not any less appropriate for this time. Have you ever been accused of being your own worst enemy, or critic? Sometimes we get in our own way. A lot of times, really. It’s not our fault. In fact, it’s a survival mechanism. Our poor squishy, pink little brains try to protect us by keeping us alert to potential “dangers”. The way that is translated into modern life often makes little sense. Sometimes, just knowing that what you are experiencing is chemicals in your head can be a helpful step in addressing patterns you’d rather live without. It takes time and effort to carve new neural pathways, identify harmful patterns, replace negative stories about yourself and your situation with productive thoughts and actions, but it can be done! I believe in you. You may just find after a few attempts at untangling that tangled knot of Christmas lights in your thought attic, that it isn’t as scary or unchangeable as you once had thought.


  • 25. Gift to the Portal
  • “Some things that appear to be a loss or a waste of time are actually just labors for which you have not yet seen the reward
  • It may feel like you work and work and work and nothing ever happens or that not enough happens in exchange. It would be nice if everything worked by a simple and clear formula, but it can be more complicated than that at times. Some hurtles need more work and attention to overcome than others. The actions we take don’t always turn out in the way we had predicted. Know that your hard work is always being seen even when it doesn’t feel like it.”
  • 27. Something That is Never Truly Yours “Take a dollar bill in your hand. Think about all the hands that one piece of paper has passed through, all the lives of the people who put their energy into that one piece of paper, what it meant to them, or didn’t mean to them. Money can make people go crazy, change them, and destroy their sense of self. Is part of that because they are trying to put ownership on something that is never really their own? We can’t possibly own something that involves so many other people, in a system that is much larger than ourselves. Let go of that ownership, you can’t control it, you can only control how you act within it, and how you use it.”

I’m worried that your fiery determination may have landed on a goalpost that isn’t for you. Perhaps you are judging yourself and your efforts too harshly. A good antidote to that could be taking a break and a breath to assess where you are at currently. Appreciate how far you have come. Now that you’ve given yourself a little hug or handshake, however, it is you conduct business with yourself, let’s think about what’s next. Do you want what you want for the right reasons? Do those reasons mean anything to you anymore? Did they ever?

If the answer is yes, keep on keepin’ on friend. You are following your arrow, and you may be surprised how soon it hits the bullseye. If the answer is ‘no’ or a resounding ‘uhhhh’, that’s okay! If you are reading this, you have the literal consciousness to make some changes on this earth. Disconnecting from stories that others have put on you, ones that you thought you had to carry or that everyone abided by, can be a healthy first step to discovering what it is that you want to put your efforts, energy, time and love towards on this earth.


  • 56. Body
  • “What is this thing, this vessel that we are in? Ugh, it brings a whole other complication.
  • Through this deck there are lots of cards to help us understand our esoteric connections but whether we like it or not, gravity still keeps our feet on the earth in our fragile bodies. Injuries, sickness, our bodies are not as resilient as our spirits. We are born with instinctive fear, to protect our bodies, to keep us alive, and the information we receive elevates that fear. Then, in addition to our fear, we are taught to hate our bodies and the bodies of other people. Created is a dichotomy in which we have ourselves, who we feel are our inner selves, and our physical body, which we may disconnect from, or whether aware or not, do not believe it belongs to us. I wish that I could say I found a way to overcome this struggle myself, but I haven’t. I am going to try though, and maybe you can too. This is my body, it is the house to my sacred spirit, my ultimate power, and this body is gonna get me where I need to be to shower the world with my vision and my abundance of love. So the body should be honored, even in the face of those trying to disrespect it and take ownership over it. This body is mine and only mine. This body is strong. This body is mine.”

Feel into your senses this month, Taurus. Yoga with Adriene fans can say it along with me, “find what feels good!”. Do you need a nap, a hug or a bath? Do you need to blast your favorite playlist and go for an emotional run? Take yourself to the spaces in time where your mind, spirit and body meet. For some that’s through breathwork, for others it’s through cooking a fresh meal. Take time to be with yourself and care for yourself, whatever that means for you. 

Being disconnected from one’s body can be a reaction to trauma or an ongoing habit due to the chaos and business of life. There are millions of bodies that carry millions of stories and experiences I’ll never know. What I do know is that your body is yours, and it’s here to get you to where you need to be to share your vision, gifts and love. Like the spirit, the body is strong, and should be honored even in the face of others trying to define, dictate and control it. 

Aspen Drake

Aspen is a Dallas-born, California-raised writer who currently resides in Austin, Texas. When not day jobbing, Aspen is writing and performing comedy, and creating very specific playlists on Spotify. In true Gemini fashion, she is always trying out different vehicles of communication and expression. You can check out her most recent posts on Instagram at @asp_hole