Numerology: The Life Path Number by Mitch Andrews

Written by: Mitch Andrews Published on: March 31, 2022

This is because the Lifepath Number describes who you are destined to become. It’s your single biggest lesson in life and is what you came here to learn!

In the last article, I introduced you all to the wonderful world of numerology. We talked a little about the history of numerology and went over the meaning of the core numbers 0 through to 9. As you will know, numerology is calculated using the numbers from your date of birth as well as the numbers from your name (more on the name stuff later). It has been around for thousands of years in various forms and has been used to help millions of people rediscover their purpose in life, as well as find hidden strengths and challenges that they need to work through. However, Numerology is considered a pseudoscience, as is anything spiritual or metaphysical that cannot be explained by modern science. It’s usually people with very logical and practical minds that shake their heads at it, especially if they grew up in the west. The interesting thing about numerology, however, is that it is exactly that – both logical and practical; but it also contains an element of mysticism that requires a belief in spirituality and even magic – something that is missing from the world today. It’s those people that so hotly oppose things such as numerology and astrology that need them the most.

How To Calculate Your Lifepath Number

For details on how to calculate your Lifepath Number, please see my previous post. My preferred method of calculation is what I call the “Line Method” because I believe that the unreduced digits from this method carry useful information for the client and some of this information is lost with the first method.

For example, Bryan was born on the 29th December 1987.

1. Add all of the digits left to right in a straight line

2. Keep adding them together until you get one digit (the exception being a master number 11, 22 or 33 which you leave as is).

3. Calculate it again to make sure, and then again to double-check! Even Einstein made mistakes.

2+9+1+2+1+9+8+7 = 39

3+9 = 12

1+2 = 3

This is an interesting birthday because you have to add the digits together a third time before you get to the core essence 3. Bryan is therefore a life path 3, though he will also be deeply influenced by the numbers 1 and 2, as opposed to someone whose birthday adds up to 30.

What is the Lifepath Number?

The Lifepath Number is the most famous of all numerology calculations and is reached by adding up all of the digits in your birthday and adding again until you get to a single digit. There’s quite a lot of confusion on the internet surrounding the Lifepath Number as many people believe it’s meant to describe who you are as a person and often feel disheartened when what they read doesn’t really resonate. This is because the Lifepath Number describes who you are destined to become. It’s your single biggest lesson in life and is what you came here to learn! Would you go to a class to learn about computer coding if you were already an advanced programmer? Probably not. The same thing can be said about your Lifepath number: this describes your biggest challenge area and the main thing your soul came here to learn about. It’s the diploma you signed up for and is the most challenging lesson you will ever face.

The Lifepath Numbers 1-9

Lifepath # 1 – The Path of Individuality and Leadership

Those with a Lifepath 1 are here to learn about individuality, creativity, and leadership. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 10, 19, 28, 37, or 46. It’s a masculine energy that is assertive and pioneering, and people with this path are here to stand out from the crowd, often dealing with issues related to fitting in and feeling like the odd one out. As a 1, your purpose is to embrace your uniqueness and tap into your originality by creating new ways of doing things. 1 people are very ambitious and have great personal drive. They are courageous, can be competitive, and love to win. In astrology 1 is the sun, the brightest star, and 1 people strive to be the brightest star in life. As a 1 lifepath, your main task is to become an inspiring leader that other people can look up to. You should embrace what makes you different and stop trying to conform; remember that leaders aren’t meant to fit in, they are meant to stand out!

Lifepath # 2 – The Path of Empathy and Connection

Those with a Lifepath 2 are here to learn about empathy, intimacy, connection, and relationship. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 20, although 11, 29, 38, and 47 are also 2 lifepaths, but with extra influence from the number 1 since they add to the master number 11 first. 2 is a feminine energy, diplomatic and sensitive, and these people are natural-born healers who are deeply in-tune to other’s needs and feelings. Their purpose is to bring others together in meaningful connection. They often find themselves in situations of conflict where they become a peacemaker. It’s by learning what love is not that they learn the true meaning of what love is. In astrology, 2 is the Moon, the most feeling of all the planets. These people are often described as empaths and have strong psychic abilities that should be developed in their life. They find people fascinating and like to delve deep to find out what makes others tick. Their genuine empathy and ability to truly listen make them perfect counselors and therapists.

Lifepath # 3 – The Path of Creative Expression

Those with a Lifepath 3 are here to learn about creative expression, humour, and communication. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 12, 21, 30, 39, or 48. This is the energy of the child – fun-loving and carefree, and these people are the most fun to be around. They are here to remind us to have fun and not take life so seriously. 3 people are often drawn to the creative industries where they can communicate ideas to others (acting, singing, dancing, writing). In astrology, 3 is Jupiter, the positive planet, and 3 people are often very positive with a kind of magnetic energy that draws others to them. They are quick-witted and easy to talk to, although it can often be hard to get a word in as 3’s can be very loud! As a 3 lifepath, your main task is to tap into your creative juices and have confidence in your abilities. Pour your heart into an outlet that brings you joy and makes you feel like a child again.

Lifepath 4 – The Path of Stability and Structure

Those with a Lifepath 4 are here to learn about hard work, stability, and structure, and to build something that will make a difference. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, or 49. 4 is a masculine energy that loves organisation and planning, and these people are very loyal and reliable. They are practical and logical thinkers who are often placed into unstable environments where others seem to lack common sense. They are here to put in place the structure and foundation that is lacking, and to help build a better future. 4 is associated with the planet Uranus which is the planet of risk and innovation – 4’s biggest challenge area. They love to be in control and as a result change and unpredictability can be very scary for them; they need to learn to embrace this in order to grow. As a 4, you should know that you have a natural energy to get things done, and people (particularly employers) will be drawn to this. When you lay down a strong foundation for yourself in life, everything else will flow.

Lifepath 5 – The Path of Freedom and Adventure

Those with a Lifepath 5 are here to learn about freedom and adventure, particularly in relation to the 5 senses. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, or 50. These people thrive on change and love to travel and experience different cultures and people. They are known as the rebels and risk-takers as they like to challenge the rules and are always the first to give something a try. People gravitate to their benevolent and optimistic nature, and they are often the life of the party. While they are here to learn about personal freedom, they are also here to apply self-discipline and need to ensure they don’t confuse personal freedom with extreme self-indulgence. In astrology 5 is Mercury, the planet of communication, and many 5’s make excellent writers, speakers, and salespeople. As a 5 lifepath, you are here to take calculated risks, and live an unconventional, progressive, and thrilling life that both liberates and inspires others. Give yourself permission to live outside of the box, and pursue the things that truly excite you!

Lifepath 6 – The Path of Responsibility and Harmony

Those with a Lifepath 6 are here to learn about responsibility, compassion, harmony, and acceptance. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 6, 15, 24, 33, or 42. This is the number of unconditional love, and these people make incredible parents and caregivers. They put family and home at the forefront of their lives, and love being with animals, plants, and other people. Many 6’s are drawn to careers where they can help others such as becoming a nurse, doctor, caregiver, counselor or teacher. In astrology 6 is Venus, the planet of beauty and love. 6’s appreciate the beauty in the world and are often very artistic. They can deal with issues related to their appearance or sense of self and are here to learn about acceptance and unconditional love for both themselves and others. As a life path 6, your main purpose is to bring love, balance, and harmony into the world. Finding a role that makes you feel like you are making a difference in people’s lives will make you feel the most fulfilled. 

Lifepath 7 – The Path of Trust and Teaching

Those with a Lifepath 7 are here to develop trust, wisdom, and understanding. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 7, 16, 25, 34, or 43. People on this path love to delve deep and find out the hidden meaning behind things; they never take anything at face value and have scientific and inquisitive minds. It is their purpose to ask the bigger and philosophical questions in life, and many will go through a dark night of the soul which will act as a catalyst for their journey of self-discovery. 7’s value and need their alone time in order to recharge. In astrology 7 is Neptune, the planet of mysteries, and many people see 7’s as mysterious or secretive because they don’t open up to others until they are very comfortable. As a Lifepath 7, your main purpose is to become a great teacher of wisdom. Delve deep into the topics you find most fascinating! The 7 path is about learning through experience, and the most effective way to learn is to teach others.

Lifepath 8 – The Path of Strength & Resilience

Those with a Lifepath 8 are here to develop abundance, authority, strength, and resilience. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 8, 17, 26, 35, or 44. People on this path are here to learn about power and are usually drawn to managerial positions or self-employment. 8’s are here to step into their power and to help empower other people. Career is very important as it is directly connected to their sense of purpose. They have a natural business sense, are good judges of character, and are passionate people. In astrology 8 is Saturn, the planet of karma. What goes around comes around, and the number 8 itself looks like an infinity symbol. Negative 8 energy has been described as alluring and intoxicating throughout history, so 8 people should be very wary not to become consumed by the negative side of this number – dominating, power-hungry and materialistic. As a Lifepath 8, aim to step into positions of authority where you can have a positive impact on the world. It is your trials and tribulations in life that will make you stronger and inspire others.

Lifepath 9 – The Path of Spirituality and Compassion

Those with a Lifepath 9 are here to develop compassion, spirituality, and wisdom. You have this life path if your birthday digits add up to 9, 18, 27, 36, or 45. 9’s are artistic, idealistic, philosophical, and have a certain charisma that people are drawn to. They are also humanitarian and are drawn to bigger picture issues such as environmental problems, politics, and world affairs. 9’s are able to see the suffering in the world, often when others don’t, which can make them cynical. However, they should know that the reason they are so sensitive to this suffering is because it is their purpose to help change the world. In astrology, the number 9 is represented by the planet Mars, which brings a courageous and passionate type of energy. 9’s are deep thinkers, spiritual, introspective, and natural-born leaders. As a 9 Lifepath, your main purpose is to develop a broad-minded attitude in life and embody what it is you feel is missing in the world. When you begin to align yourself with a higher cause in order to make a difference in the world, your heart will soar.