October 2023 Tarot Scopes

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: October 5, 2023

Five of Wands - Rider Waite
Five of Wands

Aries:  Conflict and competition may arise, Aries. Embrace the challenge and use it as an opportunity to showcase your skills and determination. Stay focused, rise above the chaos, and find creative solutions to overcome any obstacles.

Seven of Pentacles - Rider Waite
Seven of Pentacles

Taurus: Patience and perseverance are key, Taurus. Your hard work and efforts are starting to bear fruit, but it may take some time to see the full results. Trust in the process, stay committed, and have faith that your dedication will pay off.

The Magician

Gemini: You possess the power to manifest your desires, Gemini. The Magician reminds you of your innate abilities and resourcefulness. Trust in your skills, harness your focus, and use your unique talents to create the reality you desire.

Nine of Cups - Rider Waite
Nine of Cups

Cancer: Emotional fulfillment and contentment are on the horizon, Cancer. The Nine of Cups signifies a period of joy, satisfaction, and emotional abundance. Embrace the blessings in your life, celebrate your achievements, and allow yourself to fully experience happiness.

Strength - Rider Waite

Leo: Tap into your inner strength and courage, Leo. The Strength card reminds you of your resilience and the power of compassion. Embrace your fiery spirit, but also remember the importance of gentleness and patience as you navigate challenges with grace.

Six of Pentacles - Rider Waite
Six of Pentacles

Virgo: Generosity and balance are important, Virgo. The Six of Pentacles encourages you to give and receive in equal measure. Share your resources, time, and knowledge with others, while also allowing yourself to receive support and assistance when needed.

Two of Swords - Rider Waite
Two of Swords

Libra: A decision or dilemma may be weighing on your mind, Libra. Take the time to carefully consider your options and find a balance between your heart and mind. Trust your intuition and seek clarity before making a choice that aligns with your values.

Four of Cups - Rider Waite
Four of Cups

Scorpio: A period of introspection and contemplation is needed, Scorpio. The Four of Cups suggests a time of reflection and soul-searching. Pay attention to your emotions, explore your desires, and be open to new perspectives that may bring unexpected opportunities.

The Wheel of Fortune - Rider Waite
The Wheel of Fortune

Sagittarius: Luck is on your side, Sagittarius. The Wheel of Fortune brings unexpected opportunities and positive changes. Embrace the ups and downs of life, knowing that everything happens for a reason, and trust that the wheel is turning in your favor.

Ten of Pentacles - Rider Waite
Ten of Pentacles

Capricorn: Abundance and stability are within reach, Capricorn. The Ten of Pentacles signifies a period of financial security, family harmony, and long-term success. Embrace the blessings in your life, nurture your relationships, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Page of Cups - Rider Waite
Page of Cups

Aquarius: Emotional growth and creative exploration are calling, Aquarius. The Page of Cups represents a youthful and imaginative energy. Embrace your intuition, express your emotions freely, and allow your creativity to flow as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Nine of Swords - Rider Waite
Nine of Swords

Pisces: Worries and anxieties may be consuming your thoughts, Pisces. Take time to address your fears and seek support from loved ones or professionals. Remember that you have the strength to overcome challenges, and practice self-care to find peace and tranquility amidst the storm.