To help You Break Up with Someone

Written by: Brandon McCloskey Published on: August 15, 2021


It can be hard to give the bad news or to leave someone you know you have to leave. Get some rosemary and/or yarrow, an orange candle or candles, and a carnelian, then take a sacred bath. Ritualize your bath knowing you are instilling courage to take action. Light the orange candle or candles and add a bit (you don’t need a lot) of rosemary or/and yarrow to the bathwater, as well as the carnelian. (Carnelians do not like salt water FYI, they will get ruined.) As you soak (no longer than 20 minutes please!), visualize yourself breaking up with your partner in a loving way. Keep the carnelian on you during the day and sleep with it near you or even under your pillow at night. Have it with you when you have the break-up talk.