To Release an Old Love | The Collective by Third Eye Champagne

To Release an Old Love

Written by: Brandon McCloskey Published on: August 15, 2021


If you have trouble letting go of an old love, get a piece of white paper and in black ink write your full name and birthdate at the top, and your old love’s full name and birthdate at the bottom. Leave considerable space in between. Mark the exact middle between both names and fold the paper twice from the top and twice from the bottom, so the ends meet at the middle line. Get a black candle and carve into it the full name, birthdate, and zodiac symbol of your old love, then also carve on the candle the phrase I release three times. Light the candle.

Cut the paper in half, take the half with your old lover’s name on it, and safely burn it using the flame from the black candle. Let the candle burn out. Take the half with your own name on it and put it under your pillow for three full moons. After the third full moon, you may discard it.