To Remove Interfering Energies

Written by: Brandon McCloskey Published on: August 15, 2021


Someone messing with you? We can fix that. Get a black piece of cloth, nine straight pins, and a jar. You may anoint the cloth with the following:willow bark, frankincense and cedar leaf oil or just place them into the jar. Write the full name and birthdate of the interfering person on a piece of paper. Use black ink. Place the paper inside the black cloth and roll it up like a joint. Stick the nine straight pins into the cloth as you say this:

You are bound away from me
You are bound away from me
You are bound away from me

These pins bind you
This cloth binds you
This jar contains you
No more shall you interfere with me.

Stick the cloth in the jar and put the jar where it won’t be disturbed. For bonus points you can put the jar in the freezer.