To Remove/Resolve Love Karma

Written by: Brandon McCloskey Published on: August 15, 2021


You keep having the same thing happen over and over again. Either you can’t cut ties with someone or you find yourself in the same situation with different partners. You will need a black candle, a bottle/box/what-have-you of black pepper, and a very long length of black ribbon. On a Saturday night during a waning moon, anoint the black candle with three drops of patchouli oil. Take your black ribbon and cut it into six equal-sized strips. Tie the strips together to make a tic-tac-toe sort of square. For the next five consecutive Saturdays, anoint and light the candle and untie one strip each night until all the strips are untied. Each Saturday that you do this, take the black pepper you used in the ritual and use it to season your food.