The Progressed Chart & Your Personal Evolution by Caroline Coleman

Written by: Caroline Coleman Published on: December 3, 2021

“The progressed chart is fascinating and adds a layer of depth to your astrological study of the self. “

Progressed Charts offer a slightly different Astrological perspective. Working with the concept of “a day for a year,” the progressed chart moves slowly, showing your evolution. I once saw progressed charts described as acting like very, very slow transits, often echoing your “regular” transits in a different way. You can get your progressed chart for free from, under “extended chart selection.” As with lunar and solar charts, you want to compare your progressed chart to your natal chart. Most notable are sign changes in your progressed chart, and when planets or angles in your progressed chart make aspects to planets or angles in your regular birth chart. You also want to note which houses the personal planets fall in. The outer planets move super slowly, so don’t be surprised if they’re only a couple degrees (or less!) different than in your birth chart. Here’s the rundown on how to read your own progressed chart:

First, check the Moon

As the fastest moving object in the chart, your progressed moon is what changes the most often in your progressed chart. About every 2.5 years it will move into a new sign. This shows our emotional journey, indicating periods of time where our focus can shift to different aspects of life. Aspects made to planets or angles in the natal chart can be very telling, too! For example, when your progressed moon returns to where your natal moon is, you’ll see kind of the crux of your natal moon and what it really wants, and is all about. This isn’t always comfortable, but it will put you in touch with your innermost feelings and wants, no matter how much you’d rather run away from them! Progressed moon conjunct the descendant? Emotionally fulfilling relationships may be on the brain.

Moon transits, either the moon itself or transits made to the moon, call for a softening, allowing our hearts to be open, even if that’s only with ourselves. Let yourself be a safe space, for yourself, and witness how you feel without judgment. They’re showing how to be present and gentle with ourselves, and our innermost self.

And then, check the Sun

Moving one degree a year, depending on where your natal sun is, you could have had a sign change earlier, or get your first change closer to 30. The progressed sun shows the journey of the self, and taking on subtle traits to help your growth. Be sure to compare your progressed sun with your natal chart- any aspects? Has it moved onto an angle? Make sure to take notes. Let’s say you’re a Leo, but your progressed sun is in Virgo. You’re still definitely a Leo, but you may find yourself focusing on how to be more self-sufficient and being very industrious in your day-to-day life. Has your progressed sun moved onto your natal Venus? This could be a time of focusing on love and/or money.

(Quick note: Virgo is known as “The Virgin.” Obviously, this has its modern-day connotations, but “Virgin” as it’s used here is ancient-day talk for, independent person who could handle their own business.)

Ascendant and Your Angles

It’s always fun to see what your progressed ascendant is. As with everything else, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a Libra rising or whatever, it just is showing your personal evolution and how you show up socially. Let’s say you are a Libra rising, but your progressed ascendant is in Scorpio- you may have found that you’ve worked through, or at least have recognized, some people-pleasing tendencies that you exhibit.

Take note of any planets aspecting your ascendant, too. The progressed descendant can tell you about relationships, romantic, business, or otherwise. In this example, with Taurus on the descendant, it can show a shift from preferring fast-moving, whirlwind relationships to slower-moving ones with a strong foundation. As always, see how the angles interact with your natal chart for added info.

Other Planets

Check out your other personal planets- Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Take note of their signs and which houses they fall in your natal chart, and any aspects they make. The Progressed Venus shows our love and money journey. Tip: Check your progressed chart for the dates of major relationship changes in life, and see what your progressed Venus was up to. It tells a story of your relationship journey, and can be *very* telling. Maybe your Venus was mixed up with a harsh aspect with an outer planet and you were in a not-so-great relationship for a few years, but got out of it when it shifted. Mercury shows your communication style evolving, and Mars shows your drive.

Putting it all together

Don’t be surprised if you see similar themes coming up as the regular transits you’re having to your natal chart, just being told in a different way. The progressed chart is fascinating and adds a layer of depth to your astrological study of the self. If you have personal planets in your progressed chart at late degrees, know that you have a shift coming up, and it’s a great time for both reflection, and looking ahead to the next cycle.

Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman is a children’s yoga teacher, a social media manager, astrologer and tarot card reader. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram @thesewanderingstars. To book a reading combining Astrology and Human Design, contact [email protected]