Three Steps to Manifestation Part 2: Energy and Frequency by Kirsten Langston

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: July 28, 2021

“This is part two to getting what you want. Feel how it feels to have what you want.”

Energy itself is neutral. It has neither a positive nor negative charge; it obtains a charge from people, places, or events. That charge can be manipulated and even eradicated. Imagine if there were signs everywhere on everything and everyone.

Imagine yourself walking down the street. You’re in a nice little town; there is a giant green plus sign in the sky over the street. The street you are walking down is charged with positive energy. There is a store to your right. A big red minus sign hovers over it. The store looks inviting and bright but is carrying a negative charge. You decide to keep walking. You encounter a man who smiles brightly at you, a red minus sign blinking furiously over his head. Mr. Negativity, despite his straight, white smile. You keep walking and meet an old friend. She has a bright green plus sign over her head. She feels good to be around. You decided to get lunch with her…

Your Energy Makes a Difference

If only it were this easy-to-read energy. For some people like me, it is that easy, most of the time. Other people may have a harder time reading energy, but here is a good test, wherever you are, whoever you are with, how do you feel? Do you feel good, up, peaceful, happy, free of stress? Or do you feel down, tired, sad, angry, depressed, and stressed? Despite your life circumstances, whether they are tough or easy at the moment, you will still be able to tell if someone or someplace is bringing you up or down.

Back to manifesting. Let’s say you want to manifest a partner. So you start with the think system; you are thinking, thinking, thinking of the ideal partner. You imagine what they look like, what they like to do, how they will treat you. As we learned in the last blog, that’s only step one.

Step two is to match your energy frequency to what you want.

Close your eyes and assess how you feel at this very moment. Are you happy, sad, angry, lonely, content, joyful? Maybe you have a little from A and a little from B. Make a list of where you are.

Now think about the frequency of love. What does love feel like to you? What does love look like? I am not talking about your parent’s relationship or your previous relationships; I am talking about the idea of love. The thing that is love. It can’t be touched or seen, only felt, so what does it feel like? You have loved someone or even something at least once in your life, and someone has loved you. Feel the feeling of love. Feel the exhilaration of falling in love, and if you’ve never fallen in love, then imagine what it would feel like to fall in love. What does that feel like to you?

Ok. STOP. That feeling is the frequency of love. You have tuned into the love’s frequency. You have felt the positive charge of energy. Tell the Universe; this is the energy I want. This is the frequency I want.

Now, here’s the tricky part. You must keep this energy of love with you. You are matching your own energy with love energy. This is how you attract things to you. Like is attracted to like. Match your energy with the energy of love, and love will flow to you. It will find you.

Every morning when you wake up, take a minute to assess your energy; how are you feeling? Is there a little green plus sign over your head or a red blinking minus sign? Then remember that energy of love; align yourself with that. When you find your mood slipping down and your energy slipping down, call that energy of love back to you.

This is part two to getting what you want. Feel how it feels to have what you want. If you want abundance, money, material possessions, how does it feel to have these things? Or, if you have never had them, how would you imagine it would feel? You want a child; feel the energy of children in your life. You want love, feel love.

You can also give these feelings and energies colors. Maybe pink is love to you, and black is depression. Close your eyes and see what colors you have in and around you. See how they make you feel. Assign the energy frequency of what you want a color. Now imagine that color in you and around you and flooding your life.

Try to spend a week or so feeling the energy of what you want.

Please understand, we are not inviting that energy in; that’s not what we want to do. You want to feel the energy of what you already have and build on it. Find the love in your life, find the energy of love and then invite the Universe to build on it. Remember also, you are still using the think system while matching your frequency to love, so the Universe gives you that ideal partner, as opposed to a puppy. Although, a puppy wouldn’t be so bad either! After trying this for a week, come on back for Part 3, Action Jackson.