Three Steps to Manifestation: Part 3 – Action Jackson by Kirsten Langston

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: July 28, 2021

“Your actions must follow what you are thinking and the energy frequency you are trying to match.”

Meet Poor Sad Joel. Poor Sad Joel has been using Auntie’s Manifesting technique for months, and nothing has happened. He hasn’t even gotten a puppy. “But I’m doing everything right!” Poor Sad Joel wails. “I’ve thought of the perfect partner and the perfect relationship. I’ve assessed my mood and energy every morning. I match myself with the frequency of love, and nothing has happened!”

Here’s the thing. There’s a part three, and it’s actually the hardest part. You have to eradicate everything within that opposes the frequency of love and the ideal partner. This means hard inner work and changing a lifetime of habits, and most people don’t want to do that. Poor Sad Joel has many terrible habits, and they block the energy of love, and they keep the Universe from delivering what Joel says he wants.

Joel thinks a lot of bad thoughts about himself. Joel has a lot of ingrained ideas about himself that are blocking the energy of love from entering fully into his life. Every morning Joel gets up, and he assesses his mood. “Not too bad,” he thinks. “A little sad and tired but otherwise ok.” He feels the energy of love, and he wraps it around himself like an invisible cloak. And about twenty minutes later, he thinks a thought so fleeting; he doesn’t even know he’s thought it. “I don’t deserve to have a girl like that,” he thinks, eyeing the tall, gorgeous blonde in line at the coffee house.

Guess what Joel just told the Universe, “I don’t deserve love. I don’t deserve to have a beautiful woman. I don’t deserve love.”

Poor Sad Joel goes about his day and his coworker, Jake, offers to buy him lunch. He declines, “I couldn’t let you do that.” And what he is telling the Universe is, “I don’t deserve to be treated well. I don’t want or deserve kindness.”

When he sees a couple holding hands in a grocery store, he thinks, “That’ll never be me. I’m so lonely!”

Everything Poor Sad Joel thinks throughout the day is in direct conflict with the energy of love. Even if it seems to have nothing to do with love.

You can dream up the ideal partner, and you can match your energy to the frequency of love, but if deep down, you don’t feel like you deserve it, love is not going to come.

Joel has worked against himself and the Universe all day. Thoughts like, “I’m not good-looking enough,” “Pretty women don’t talk to me,” “I’ll never know what it’s like to be happy” are disconnecting and blocking the energy of love from flowing to you.

Your actions must follow what you are thinking and the energy frequency you are trying to match. And it wouldn’t hurt to give the Universe a little help. Looking for love? Get an online dating profile, go out and meet people. It’s like that old joke. For twenty years, a man prayed and prayed every day to win the lottery, and he never won. He finally got fed up and asked God, why won’t you answer my prayer! And God answered, “You have to at least buy a ticket!”

Don’t forget to buy your ticket.

But it’s not just that. If your thoughts and habits and the way you treat yourself are in conflict with joy and love and abundance, you aren’t going to manifest very well. You can’t ask the Universe for money but harbor the idea that all rich people are assholes.

If you are asking the Universe for positive things but are thinking negative thoughts, you’re not going to get what you are trying to manifest. Even if the negative thoughts you are thinking have nothing to do with what you are trying to manifest.

But the biggest roadblock is, “I don’t deserve this.” For whatever reason, if you think you don’t deserve love or abundance deep down inside, you’re not going to get love or abundance. Most likely, if you attract someone at all, you will attract someone who will treat you the way you think you deserve to be treated. If you think you are never good enough, you will find someone who will reinforce that thought. If you think sacrifice is the way to love, you will attract someone who will make you sacrifice. So, you must take a long hard look and yourself and say, what negative thoughts and actions am I having/doing? And you have to change those thoughts and change those habits. That’s the hardest part of manifesting. Because you can ask all you want, but your thoughts and actions are telling the Universe how you really feel about yourself. If you are not kind to yourself or feel that you deserve whatever it is you are asking for, the Universe is not going to deliver it.

Poor Sad Joel starts to get this. Now he pays attention to his thoughts. When he sees a beautiful woman, he resists the urge to look down at himself and think, “What a slob. I need to lose weight. A woman like that wouldn’t look at me twice.” Instead, he stops himself and replaces that thought with another, “She’s pretty. I wonder if she’s single.” When Jake offers to buy him lunch, Joel says thank you and accepts. “I’ll get the next one!” When he sees the couple at the grocery store holding hands, he stops them and tells them how happy they look together and feels genuinely happy for them. It takes time, practice, and sometimes he slips up, and some days are harder than others, but after a few months, Joel has broken his ugly habits, and then he buys a puppy.

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