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Your North Node Journey by Caroline Coleman

Written by: Caroline Coleman Published on: July 28, 2021

“Tuning into your North Node can help reveal ways to get unstuck, and shine a light on your own past programming, so you can then integrate and transcend it.”

The North and South Nodes are a pair of astrological points found in every birth chart. They’re always opposite one another. For example, if your North Node is in Gemini, your South Node will be in its opposite sign, Sagittarius. If your North Node is in the tenth house, your South Node will be in the fourth house.

The sign and house of the North Node (also known as the “True Node”) is said to show one’s personal growth and the path forward. The South Node (also known as the “Descending True Node”) reveals old patterns and conditioning from our past lives or earlier in this life, depending on your beliefs.

In short, the South Node shows where we are coming from, and the North Node shows where we’re going.

The house placement adds another layer, showing you the area of life where these themes are strongest. Read for both your North Node sign and house placement for a comprehensive view of your North Node journey.

Aries North Node/North Node in the First House:

At times you may default to going along with the crowd and falling out of touch with yourself. Checking in with your thoughts, feelings, likes, and dislikes helps get you back on track. It is safe and healthy for you to be independent.

Taurus North Node/North Node in the Second House:

It’s all about grounding and really getting into your body and letting your senses guide you with this placement. Taurus North Node is meant to be comfortable and seeks luxury. Simple pleasures, such as strolls through nature or city streets, good food, and music connect you with this energy. Your body is a barometer: Pay attention to it. It is natural for you to be interested in psychology and analyzing yourself, other people, and things, but you don’t need to live in this place. Take the best information from this, and apply it to your real life.

Gemini North Node/North Node in the Third House:

If you feel the call to make short trips, write, talk, communicate in general, and be busy as a bee, you’re leaning into your North Node. Maybe you initially don’t feel so excited by local happenings and people, but exploring these connections can really help open things up for you. You could find yourself being a person truly in the know, perhaps professionally.

Cancer North Node/North Node in the Fourth House:

You are moving toward a warm and fuzzy feeling, which may be an aspect of self you shun at first. You may feel pressure to always be materially productive, but nourishing yourself and others who are deserving helps you grow. You’re learning to trust your intuition and ride the wave of your emotions instead of repressing them.

Leo North Node/North Node in the Fifth House:

It’s your time to shine. This may make you cringe on some level, especially if you normally feel the urge to blend in as much as possible. However, getting in touch with and expressing your very essence help propel you forward in life. Get more comfortable with being seen, even if it’s just in little ways at first. People are drawn to you.

Virgo North Node/North Node in the Sixth House:

Getting organized helps you cosmically align. It helps to break things down, make a plan, and write it down. You most certainly have spiritual gifts, and you can beautifully blend higher and more grounded energies to create what you want in life.

Libra North Node/North Node in the Seventh House:

You’ve felt the vibes of going it alone, and it may feel safe and secure to you. But the way forward for you is learning to trust and collaborate with others in healthy ways. Healthy relationships, groups, and sharing are good for you; embrace it mindfully.

Scorpio North Node/North Node in the Eighth House:

You may feel like you have to do everything yourself, but other people want to help you, support you, and give you opportunities. You’re incredibly magnetic, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Getting clear on your desires can help.

Sagittarius North Node/North Node in the Ninth House:

Travel near and far and expanding your mind through traditional schooling, experience, or self-study (likely all three), are it for you. You seek out cultural experiences and are a student of life. The pursuit of these things is a wonderful marker to follow. Even if you can’t physically travel, you’ll be enriching yourself watching foreign films and taking in the scenery and culture. Sagittarius North Node people make great travel companions and/or consultants.

Capricorn North Node/North Node in the Tenth House:

It’s natural to feel very in your shell with this placement. You’re learning to open up and make your mark in the world, however that looks for you. Focus on the next step or goal, go at your own pace, and be gentle to yourself. Don’t ignore your dreams and aspirations; even though they may seem daunting at first, you really do have what it takes to reach them. Side Note: define what success means to you and feels like. It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s version to be meaningful.

Aquarius North Node/North Node in the Eleventh House:

This energy is all about following your own path and forging your own beautiful trail. Aquarius relates to the Star card in tarot. Following the visions you have for yourself comes naturally. You have a broad perspective and worldly (or otherworldly) point of view. Share it, and find your tribe.

Pisces North Node/North Node in the Twelfth House:

Pisces North Node invites you to loosen up and let go of any rigid preconceived notions of who or what your life should look like. It is hard for you to trust your intuition and inner knowing, but leaning into it helps guide you. Embrace daydreaming, wandering, and following your heart. Don’t worry about seeming too different to people who don’t get it. This placement can really be about unlearning what you thought you knew and dissolving your past conditioning.

Tuning into your North Node can help reveal ways to get unstuck, and shine a light on your own past programming, so you can then integrate and transcend it. Be gentle with yourself as you go through any growing pains, and keep the bigger picture in mind.

*For further reading, Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul is a classic Node book.

Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman is a children’s yoga teacher, a social media manager, astrologer and tarot card reader. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram @thesewanderingstars. To book a reading combining Astrology and Human Design, contact